Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton Goes Back to Jail - Cries for Mom

In a stunning reversal reported in this Breitbart article, Paris Hilton is returning to jail only one day after her release.

A day ago, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department sent Paris home for 40 days of Hilton house arrest. Judge Michael T. Sauer, who apparently wasn't consulted by the Sheriff, was not happy. He had specifically ruled that Ms. Hilton would not be allowed to spend her time under house arrest. Word late yesterday was the judge might hold the sheriff department in contempt of court.

Instead, he ordered Paris Hilton back to the same jail cell. He even ordered her to serve her full 45 day sentence, instead of the initial 23 day sentence she had. This would seem to punish the sheriff's department, who complained that the Paris jailing was an undue drain on their manpower.

Driven To Court in Handcuffs

Earlier in the day, a court spokesman had announced Paris Hilton would not have to attend the court case. She would be able to testify over the phone.

The judge reversed that decision. Instead, he sent a sheriff's car to escort Hilton to the court. He wanted to have her explain what medical condition it was that kept her from doing jail time, and wanted her in court to show the condition. When Paris Hilton was unable to make a compelling case, the judge gave her the new sentence.


As Paris was being taken away into custody, she was heard to cry "Mom!" at her mother in the audience. Pictures showed Paris crying in the back seat of the police car.

My only question is: how does Bodog judge that Paris Hilton props bet.

Paris Hilton Goes Back to Jail - Cries for Mom