Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos - Paris Hilton and UFC 72 - The Best of Dare to Gamble

What a wacky week in the world of gambling.


This week will always be known as the week Paris Hilton went back to jail. After leaving the MTV Music Awards to turn herself into jail, Paris spent three days behind bars. She was placed into house arrest for one day by the Sheriff's Office. The very next day, the paparazzi swarmed the jail, as the sheriff's men were dispatched to the Hilton House to drag her to court.

In the interim, the Hiltons were planning a "house arrest party" for Paris. The judge packed Paris off to jail a second time, as she screamed for her mother. We were left wondering how Bodog would pay off on the bet about how many days Paris would spend in jail. Craaa-zeee stuff!


Not all of the latest bodog bets are as unstable, though the latest Larry Flynt sex bounty gets close. The founder of Hustler Magazine is offering $1 million for anyone who can show proof they had extramarital sex with a Washington politician. This is the same method Flynt used to help bring down Speaker of the House Elect Bob Livingston back in the late nineties.

Dare To also covered wagers on the Sopranos final episode.


We also provided a preview of UFC 72 Victory and its betting odds. Dare To Gamble included a preview of the Forrest Griffin-Hector Ramirez
and the Rich Franklin-Yushin Okami MMA fights.

For hardcore fans of fighting, we included the results of K-1 Dynamite.

There were a couple of boxing matches which went off this week. The only remaining American heavyweight champ, Shannon Briggs, went down to defeat to yet another Russian fighter. We had the Briggs-Ibragimov boxing results here.

Also covered was the Miguel Cotto-Zab Judah fight, which many are saying is the fight of the year. The unbeaten Cotto defeated Judah in an 11-round war. With both fighters bleeding from cuts, Cotto finally got the knock out of JUdah late in the fight at raucous Madison Square Garden. Cotto went on to say he wants a fight with unbeaten Floyd Mayweather.


This was a big week for gambling legislation. Daretogamble provided an update on the neteller frozen funds story. It appears Neteller customers might finally get their accounts unfrozen in the near future.

We also covered the Google bans on all gambling advertisements. Is Google making a moral stand, or is it preparing to follow Yahoo! into the online gambling business? Check out this article for analysis.

The FBI is investigating the Second Life virtual world, for possible online gambling law violations. In a story which underscores what an immense waste of time it is to have U.S. law enforcement patrolling internet casino gaming, the FBI probed the Second Life online casinos.

Meanwhile, a new online gambling advocacy group sued U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The imega online gambling lawsuit states that it is unconstitutional for the Department of Justice to enforce existing online gambling laws.

Most importantly, hearings got underway this week in Washington to discuss the future of online gambling. We gave a preview of the hearing on internet gambling, which is another in a continuing series of articles. Check back with Daretogamble later this week for news and analysis on Friday's hearings.


And if all that gambling legislation is too heavy for you, we end with a heartwarming story out of Cincinnati. Bengals Pro Bowl receiver, Chad Johnson, raced a race horse for charity this week. We love everything NFL at Dare To Gamble, and the chad johnson at the horse races story is one of our favorites in a while around here. After winning, Johnson called out Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Jeff Gordon. Personally, I think Ocho Cinco could take Jeff Gordon in a foot race.

Sopranos - Paris Hilton and UFC 72 - The Best of Dare to Gamble