Thursday, July 26, 2007

Denmark Rules Poker a Game of Skill

A court in Denmark has ruled that poker tournaments are indeed a game a skill and do not qualify as chance-based gambling. This no doubt comes as a relief to Frederik Hostrup, chairman of the Danish Poker Association and brother of Asian Poker Classic champ Carl Hostrup. You see, Frederik was charged with illegal gambling in late 2006 for arranging poker tournaments which required an entry fee.

Hostrup was cleared of the charges and attorneys for Horesta, a national restaurant, tourist and hotel organization, have 2 weeks to file for an appeal. An appeal in the case is likely, but the decision, if it holds up, might mark an important precedent in the European community. It could then be used by other pro-poker elements in Europe to prevent the game from being considered a form of illegal gambling.

Hostrup was doubly lucky, as he was also recently cleared of accusations of online poker cheating (when chat room remark on Party Poker was taken the wrong way).

I guess there’s more drama in Denmark than I would have expected. But, hey, at least the whole thing didn’t end like Hamlet.

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