Tuesday, December 11, 2007

David Blaine's Latest Stunt - Bodog Odds

Most people think 34-year-old magician David Blaine is nuts. Over the last decade, he has attempted a series of increasingly bizarre and dangerous stunts, and his latest may be the final nail in his coffin. Still, the ladies must love the danger, as Blaine has dated Fiona Apple, Madonna, Josie Maran, Lonneke Engel and Daryl Hannah.


Blaine got his start entertaining folks on the streets of New York with card tricks and other amazing feats of magic. He then cranked out a couple of television specials, and his career really started to take off.

In 1999, Blaine tried his first major stunt, being buried alive in a cramped coffin for seven days. He ate nothing during this time and only had two to three tablespoons of water a day.

In 2000, he was encased in a closet of ice in Times Square. He was supplied air with a tube, and another tube removed his urine. He was encased for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds. He was taken to the hospital, and it was reportedly a month before he could walk again.

In 2002, he attempted a stunt called “Vertigo.” He was lifted 105 feet into the air and stood on 22-inch-wide pillar. He stayed that way for 35 hours. He ended the stunt by jumping off onto a 12-foot high platform of cardboard boxes. He suffered a concussion during the jump.

In 2003, Blaine was locked inside a Plexiglas case and suspended near the River Thames in London. He had no food and remained inside for 44 days. He claims to have lost 54 pounds during the stunt and was immediately hospitalized.

In 2006, Blaine was submerged underwater in New York City. He stayed there for seven days and nights, getting air and nutrients through tubes. At the end of the stunt, he tried to break the record for someone holding their breath underwater (8 minutes and 58 seconds). He made it 7 minutes and 33 seconds. He once again made a trip to the hospital.

Later that year, Blaine was shackled and placed inside a spinning gyroscope. Hanging near Times Square, the device was spinning at 8 revolutions per minute. Blaine stayed inside the contraption for two days and then escaped.


Next up for Blaine - trying to break the record for going without sleep. The current record is 11 ½ straight days.

According to Blaine, “It's been tried before. In 1959, Peter Tripp stayed awake eight days, but it resulted in permanent brain damage. In 1964, 17-year-old Randy Gardner did it for a high school science project. He lasted 11 and a half days but recovered fully. No damage. A guy in London tried but fell short.”


As expected, Bodog is taking odds on whether or not he can do it. The maximum wager is $50. Currently, the odds are:

Yes +800

No -1600

Whatever the result, you can bet that Blaine will get plenty of media coverage on this one. And probably a few new celebrity dates in addition.

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