Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Bodog Odds - Kim Returns?!

There’s never a dull moment on Dancing with the Stars. Now in its seventh season, the show which features celebrities trying their hand at ballroom dancing continues to provide spills, thrills and genuinely shocking moments. Who can forget the season one showdown between John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco? Or how about Heather Mills competing with a prosthetic leg, or Marlee Matlin dancing without being able to hear the music?


On the September 30th show, Kim Kardashian was eliminated. At the time, that left 10 dancers to battle it out for the title. Kim’s sister told an online magazine that she was “relieved” to be eliminated, as she was tired of being torn apart by the judges on a weekly basis.


But even though another celeb wasn’t scheduled to be eliminated until tonight, there’s one less contestant on Dancing with the Stars. On Friday, volleyball star Misty May-Treanor tore her Achilles tendon while rehearsing. On last night’s show, she appeared on crutches and announced that she was being forced to withdraw.

Rumors are now swirling that Kardashian might be asked back to fill the void. She told Ryan Seacrest during a radio interview, “If they ask me to, I’m available.” Tonight’s episode may answer that question.

Cloris Leachman, by the way, has received the lowest scores from the judges three shows in a row. Somebody will get the axe tonight, and the smart money is on Cloris. Speaking of smart money…


Bodog has the latest odds for Dancing with the Stars, and these are updated throughout the week. This is an excellent chance to make a little cash, and May-Treanor’s withdrawal leaves the field wide open. Will Brooke Burke continue to remain the favorite, or will the large but lovable Warren Sapp charm his way to a win?

Stay tuned to Dare to Gamble, as we’ll keep you updated on all the developments.

Lance Bass 4/1

Toni Braxton 5/1

Brooke Burke 2/1

Rocco Dispirito 25/1

Maurice Greene 6/1

Cloris Leachman 100/1

Cody Linley 4/1

Susan Lucci 5/1

Warren Sapp 5/2

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