Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Here at Dare to Gamble, we try to report on Online Gambling News and U.S. Gambling News as often as we can. We realize, however, that we also have a number of readers from around the globe, so this installment of International Gambling News is especially for you. It’s also good reading for anyone planning to travel abroad on a gambling vacation.


They don’t screw around in South Korea, especially when it comes to monks engaging in illegal gambling. Last week, The Korean Times reported that police in Boeun, South Korea had busted five Buddhist monks for taking part in an illegal poker game at the Mount Songni Hotel.

What were they doing at the hotel? They were attending (I kid you not) a national Buddhist event. By the time they were caught, the monks had wagered over $7,000.

If I ever get to Korea, I’ll feel better knowing that those dirty monks are being taken care of. There’s nothing worse in my mind than a monk jonesing for a poker fix.


And just when I was about to pack my bags and head off to sunny Kazakhstan….

A bill to increase gambling regulation in the country was passed in the senate during its first reading. It’s designed to close several loopholes in the law regarding gambling. Ultimately, it will make gambling within the border of Kazakhstan totally illegal. That’s bad news for citizens of Kapchagai and Shchuchinsk, as those were the last two places in the country to contain casinos.


On January 5th, the Czech Republic started offering online gambling licenses. The Czech sports book Fortuna Group helped pave the way for this new policy.

While legislators worried about underage gambling, the policy already in place by Fortuna Group helped alleviate their fears. This same policy will be adapted for online casinos, required players to first regiater with a land-based casino to verify their age. Transactions will take place via “payment cards,” which is designed to keep a player from blowing their life savings at online blackjack or online slots.


A resolution in the U.K. has been passed to increase the limits on slot machines. Bookmakers, pubs and clubs with slots can not take wagers of up to $1.47 per spin and pay out up to $102.88. The previous limits on slot machines were 74 cents per spin and $51.47 in payouts.

This increase is expected to boost tax revenue by 20 percent, resulting in an overall increase of over $40 million. As it stands now, U.K. slots take in about $14 billion per year and pay out around $12 billion.

Critics (led by church groups, of course) are complaining that this will further encourage gambling addiction. Critics of the critics have told them to shut the f*ck up (just kidding, but I wish that were the case).

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