Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Wild Card Weekend - Bodog Odds and Predictions

The NFL regular season is finally in the books. As always, it was a year full of surprises and disappointments. Teams like the Cardinals and Falcons went way beyond the expectations of their fans, while the Cowboys and Broncos left fans pulling out their hair. If your team did suck, take heart. Next season brings a whole new opportunity.

Just like last year, we here at Dare to Gamble will be following the games all the way through the Super Bowl. We’ll be posting the betting line from Bodog’s sportsbook, and we’ll also be making our own picks.

For my Week 17 picks, I ended with a record of 8-4-1. That gives me an overall record of 95-86-4. I’m happy to be above .500, but we’ll keep going and try to improve throughout the playoffs.


The following NFL teams will be competing in the playoffs of the 2008/2009 NFL season. I’ve listed each team in the order they were seeded.

AFC Playoff Teams

Tennessee Titans (#1 seed)

Pittsburgh Steelers (#2 seed)

Miami Dolphins (#3 seed)

San Diego Chargers (#4 seed)

Indianapolis Colts (#5 seed)

Baltimore Ravens (#6 seed)

NFC Playoff Teams

New York Giants (#1 seed)

Carolina Panthers (#2 seed)

Minnesota Vikings (#3 seed)

Arizona Cardinals (#4 seed)

Atlanta Falcons (#5 seed)

Philadelphia Eagles (#6 seed)


Here are this week’s playoff games, with the odds provided by Bodog’s sports book. As always, my selections for the week are in bold print.


Falcons -1 ½ @ Cardinals +1 ½

Colts -1 @ Chargers +1


Ravens -3 ½ @ Dolphins +3 ½

Eagles -3 @ Vikings +3

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